Affordable One-Time or Recurring Pricing

We offer different pricing ranges depending on your needs. Whether you need us to optimize your system just once or need recurring computer maintenance, we make sure to offer you budget-friendly prices. Our one-time prices start at just $49.95 for basic personal desktop work, so contact us today to begin. Recurring services are intended mainly for businesses and happen on a monthly basis, with matching monthly checkups and reworks.

Quick and Easy

We have made it easy to receive a quote from us, order, and optimize your system in a brisk yet controlled manner. Our process is optimized to get us in and out of your system as quick as possible, while still providing you excellent technical service. We have done a lot of the work beforehand, through our research team that ensures our hardware replacements are worth the upgrades. Trust in our services so you can focus on your business.

Unbeatable Customer Support

Our customer support is unmatched. We make sure to check up on our clients so that their computer systems continue to work — even after the job is done. If you ever need anything from us, we are always available to consult with you via email. We are here for you to provide you the best technical support you deserve to receive.

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  • Why FFHS?

FFHS Services is a Memphis-based company that provides computer-related services. We take pride in our technical prowess to properly optimize a variety of computer systems. The goal is to enhance systems so that they provide the most power for the least amount of variable cost. We are adept in an assortment of computer configurations, from business operating systems to personal computers used for video gaming. If you have a desktop setup, whether it be business-scale or personal, we are here to help.

FFHS is an acronym for the original creators of the company:

Francis Greene

Francis is a young entrepreneur that helped shaped the idea of our company. He has experience with a degree in computer engineering and assists in the operation optimization process for building computers.

Frank Wells

Frank is also a young entrepreneur, with more experience in website creation, maintenance, and optimization. He is a tech guru that specializes in keeping our website together, while also making sure the computers we build are optimized in power and in dollar value. He researches new hardware to keep our services up to date with industry standards.

Hank Davis

Hank has been one of the main founders and leaders of FFHS. He paves the way for business and guides the overall direction our services take. He has been key in keeping the team ready to provide its best service possible.

Samantha Chase

Samantha is also one of the business leaders of the group. She assists in decisions with her expertise in business administration and information management. She has also established herself as an author with two books already released.

FFHS Services has a multitude of computer-related services to offer both businesses and individuals. We work quickly and efficiently to get you up and running. Whatever it is you need, we have services to cover you. Click here to read a full list of the services we offer.

Our staff is truly among the elite in customer service and PC expertise. Each of our technicians and software engineers have years of experience in technology. We know how to cater to your needs and do it in a productive manner.

Our prices are extremely reasonable and we get the job done quickly. Our staff is always researching to find you the best hardware for the best prices, based on all of your needs. No individual PC is pre-made: we custom-build everything based on budget and your personal requirements.

While FFHS Services does specialize in business system optimization, I sent in an inquiry to help me build my own computer. It can be pretty daunting to build your own, especially if you never had the technical ability to understand the different parts, let alone put it all together. Rather than take the risk of shorting an entire $1500+ gaming desktop build, I ended up paying less than $100 total in services for FFHS to send me personal hardware recommendations, build the desktop from the ground up, and ensure the system works properly even a week after I’ve been using it. Overall, I highly recommend them at a personal level and I trust that they hold that same customer to client care for their business end.

Nick M. — FFHS 2016 beta service user

Nicholas M.