About FFHS

FFHS Services is a Memphis-based company that provides computer-related services. We take pride in our technical prowess to properly optimize a variety of computer systems. The goal is to enhance systems so that they provide the most power for the least amount of variable cost. We are adept in an assortment of computer configurations, from business operating systems to personal computers used for video gaming. If you have a desktop setup, whether it be business-scale or personal, we are here to help.

FFHS is an acronym for the original creators of the company:

Francis Greene

Francis is a young entrepreneur that helped shaped the idea of our company. He has experience with a degree in computer engineering and assists in the operation optimization process for building computers.

Frank Wells

Frank is also a young entrepreneur, with more experience in website creation, maintenance, and optimization. He is a tech guru that specializes in keeping our website together, while also making sure the computers we build are optimized in power and in dollar value. He researches new hardware to keep our services up to date with industry standards.

Hank Davis

Hank has been one of the main founders and leaders of FFHS. He paves the way for business and guides the overall direction our services take. He has been key in keeping the team ready to provide its best service possible.

Samantha Chase

Samantha is also one of the business leaders of the group. She assists in decisions with her expertise in business administration and information management. She has also established herself as an author with two books already released.