How to Order NBI3-26

How to Order NBI3-26

NBi3-26 is the name of our special computer package, specialized for the individual consumer. It was originally called the NBi3 as an ode to the Intel i3 processor we included in its package. Now that we have upgraded each package to a minimum of Intel i5 processors, we decided to keep the name due to its popularity.

The NBi3-26 is a low-priced basic bundle that includes a basic computer that is capable of gaming and processing moderately CPU-intensive tasks such as video editing. You provide us with the rest of your needs and we make sure to build a computer that fits those needs. Simply contact us with the subject line “NBi3-26” and send us additional details (be as specific as possible), and we can get to you quickly. Because this package follows a template, our order processing and delivery speeds are unmatched.

The package includes the following:

  • Basic computer following a simple template: Intel i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, GTX 960 or GTX 1060 graphics card, 500 GB hard drive, 80 GB SSD
  • Additional upgrades based on needs
  • Two post-processing check ups
  • Included PC accessories
  • Included CPU overclocking service (only if paying for an unlocked processor)

Basic computer template

Our computer template is just that: a template. As we mentioned before, each computer is built custom-made based on individual needs. We have never built the same computer twice. With that said, the NBi3-26 service is our most pre-determined package. It was created to offer you the fastest possible service at a cheap price, while still providing freedom for custom hardware. We used this oft-updated list of good gaming computers as a guide for what market standards are. The gaming computers on there are consistent in price, so we try to see what the market is offering, then provide you even better value with a custom-built desktop.

The Intel i5 processor is a mid-level chip, with various versions ranging from the cheaper Intel i5-3470 to the best and most expensive Intel i5-8600K. The i5-8600K is also an unlocked CPU, which would qualify for our free included overclocking service.

You also get 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, enough for basic computing needs. If you’re interested in additional RAM for gaming or video/image editing, we offer upgrades to our NBI3-26. Simply specify your needs when you get your quote.

The GTX 960 or GTX 1060 are both excellent graphics cards for video gaming. Graphics cards are not necessary for basic computing, but they do help when it comes to anything related to video. Videos play smoother and editing renders faster. Either of these two cards will help tremendously in video processing and overall PC performance. You also have the option to completely discard the video card in exchange for additional savings, though we don’t recommend this option if you plan to do anything beyond basic computing.

Additional upgrades

We follow the above template to build you a computer, but we are still extremely flexible on your PC needs. If you need a stronger processor, we can upgrade. If you are someone who needs tens of tabs open at a time, we will upgrade your RAM to 8 or even 16 GB. Even though the video card is in the template, it is still optional. This package is pre-determined, but we still will make it fit your needs.

Each NBi3 PC package comes with either a GTX 960 or GTX 1060, based on need

Check ups

FFHS takes pride in our customer service. To continue this, we offer you two post-order check ups to make sure your system is working fine. During these check ups, if you need additional hardware upgrades, let us know and we will service for you. These checks come with the package, so there will be no maintenance fee for you!

Included PC accessories

To make the NBi3 bundle even sweeter, we include some of our own branded accessories for you. These include a keyboard, a gaming mouse, and a set of speakers. We take pride in offering the best service at the best price, and including these accessories just helps you save even more money.


Our last included service in the NBi3 is overclocking. The basic template does not offer overclocking because the Intel i5 processor is not unlocked. The processor needs to be unlocked in order for us to overclock it for free. This means you will have to request a change in processors to an i5 that has overclocking capabilities. These are denoted by the “K” at the end of their product name (eg. Intel i5-8600K is overclockable whereas Intel i5-7600 is not). The processor itself will increase cost, but you will not be paying for overclocking services. This comes included, simply pay the price of the hardware and we do the rest! Read more on overclocking requirements here.

How to order NBi3

Simply head to our contact page and email us with the subject line “NBi3”. Send us details on your requirements and personal preferences for how you want the PC to be built. Be as specific as possible with your needs. For example, let us know what you plan to use the computer for, what games you plan on playing (if any), etc. Also let us know if you have preferences for hardware, such as an overclockable processor.

After we get all the details, we will request your address and contact information to securely deliver your NBi3. You may also pick up the package once it is ready. When that’s done, you’re ready to go with your desktop setup and we will keep in touch for maintenance.