Our Services

Our Services

We provide a plethora of services for both individuals as well as businesses. Check our options below and contact us to receive a quote. We also offer pre-determined PC packages for those that require basic computing repair service only.

Individual Services

PC Building

We offer the best PC building service in Memphis. For individuals, we will take note of your computer requirements and build you the best computer based on those needs. All of our hardware is based on value per dollar, as we do deep market research to include the most efficient components in each computer. We have no pre-built computers in stock. Every computer is custom-made according to customer needs.

PC Maintenance

Schedule a quick stop by our office for basic maintenance of your computer. Home desktops are expensive, especially if you have a gaming computer. These need maintenance, such as hardware cleaning or minor replacements. Luckily, our maintenance services are extremely cheap, starting at just $10 for simple physical maintenance.

PC Repair

Our PC repair services are top-of-the-class. We are dedicated to getting your computer running again, whether it was physical damage such as water spills, or software issues such as viruses and/or malware. We have the best staff for the job, with dedicated technicians that have the knowledge and expertise to repair your PC. Our price ranges vary, so give us an email and we can send you a quote.

PC Upgrade

Similar to our PC building service, we are able to upgrade lacking components depending on your need. Just let us know what you would like to see improved in your working computer, and we will get the right parts for cheap.

Business Services

Computer System Building

If your business needs a brand new computer system, FFHS Services is here to help. We specialize in business providing, as we have assisted over 75 new businesses in Memphis in the last year alone. We build and program special computer systems to help your business automate tasks and run efficiently. Prices vary depending on need.

Computer System Maintenance

After your business’ system is set up, we don’t just leave. We ensure our customers are thoroughly happy — even after the system is set up. Our basic services include a few check ups, but additional maintenance may be needed. In these cases, we will schedule maintenance to keep your system running efficiently.

Computer System Repair

Just like our individual service, we provide services for businesses that have systems with errors. We cover physical and software-related issues.

Computer System Upgrades

Perhaps your business already has a computer system set up and all it needs is a simple upgrade. We provide services to upgrade hardware and technology, with technicians and software engineers ready to provide their expertise to bring you the very best hardware. We also offer proprietary basic software that runs at speed, saving you money in the long run.